Learning Online Support 

 Need in person care until your school district opens?? Look no further! At Crossing Borders International, your child will not only be supported during their online class but we will offer dynamic activities so they can also socialize and have fun.

We offer:

   1 hour of Spanish class

   Small classrooms (only 9 children per classroom)

   Dynamic activities for when kids are not remote learning.

Call us today to secure your space!! We’re here to help you!

Group classes: 

Our group programs are designed to provide a fun, educational and a maximum interactive way for kids to learn.  This program will help kids develop valuable language skills that can help them for the rest of their lives.

Please check out our schedule for group classes.

Offering Spanish and French group classes

18 months – 2 years old

We start teaching students as young as 18 months!  Yes, and the littlest ones certainly do learn by listening, by repeating, by singing and by dancing. Why do we start at 18 months? Most of the other remote/online programs start at 3 years old, but we know that children at 18 months of age are a wonderful combination of energy, enthusiasm, expanding language and obstinance. At this age they are learning all about the world, and every day is a new day of learning and discovery, and we most certainly know how to teach them, we have a skill to bring laughter to the kids on a screen. We know that the earlier children start listening and responding to the new language the better off they are in the years to come.

3 years old

Kids our sponges and at this age we know how much they can accomplish by listening, repeating, singing, dancing and story time. Most of these kids can become fluent in any of the 4 languages as they now practice a lot of verbal communication in their class with their teacher and the more they play, dance, sing and enjoy being with the teacher, the more they want to express themselves in many ways.  This is why it is so important to have certain characteristics to be a great instructor for this age.  We position the best instructor with the right attitude and personality in this classroom because we know how important it is for the child to smile, for the child to scream enthusiastically the answer to the question  the teacher just asked, and for the kids to jump in signing and moving joyfully with the instructor.

4 – 6 years old

4 year old children are consider the most advanced group as they take many hours of classes a week.  We have 2 different levels for group classes for our 4 – 6 years old classes:  Basic and Advanced because we know that many of our parents are getting ready for Dual Language schools and want their kids to be prepared.  In case your child has Spanish background, we will evaluate him/her to see what setting is best for him/her.